Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is it May already?

Missionary work has a funny way of panning out. The days always seem like they last forever. The weeks, even, tend to drag. We spend long days working and striving for people to teach. But then each month passes by and you wonder, "Where did April go!?" It constantly seems like it speeds up. I don't know if I'll ever understand how it works...but it's amazing how time can move so quickly.

My companion has taught me a lot this week. He loves to just go meet people. I am fine talking to people but have never been too thrilled at social interactions. As we spend more and more time simply talking to everybody we see we have found many things to do. I've seen improvement in my own efforts to simply "go out and do work" rather than finding the perfect opportunity to speak with someone. It's even helped our zone through a few teaching opportunities we had with missionaries.

It's also helped to change me as a missionary leader. So often we try to think of how we can help those we serve improve. The easiest (and probably best) answer is to just go and do. Be with those people you serve. Set a strong example for them. Help them see the potential that is within themselves. When we do that two things happen. 1) They are motivated, 2) We don't have to "correct" because they are learning for themselves. It's made our leadership so much more effective!

As May approaches, I'm excited for what is coming. The Sandy zone (as I now know it) will be changed with transfers. New zones will be created. Many areas will also be shrunk to only include a single stake. Our mission is growing in anticipation of the big mission split! It will be an eventful two weeks for sure.

Elder Bolling

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