Monday, April 22, 2013

The Final Countdown

Last week I began my final full transfer. I am staying in the same area to finish training Elder Hansen, who is a new missionary. After this six week period I will have three weeks left to finish my mission with a mid-transfer departure.

The weather is the strangest thing that's been going on. Utah has the tendency of not being sure if it is spring of not. In fact, today, it's snowing, while it was 70 last week.

We continue to try and keep the momentum going in our area. It would be nice to end my mission with success in bringing people into or back to the church. We are currently working with 5 individuals who are working to be baptized in the upcoming month. On top of that, we are meeting with some individuals who are returning to church for the first time.

Life is a little different in just one stake. For most of my mission I have covered two stakes or YSA stakes. Having one stake does make the work move a little bit more slowly...but the plus side of that is that we have the opportunity to develop some closer relationships than we otherwise could do. However you look at it, I prefer one stake to two.

Elder Bolling