Monday, April 23, 2012

Time for a Rebound!

This week certainly was an up and down week. First, our baptism cancelled. It cancelled about two hours before the baptism. The kids' biological father, who lives in Norway, called and denied permission just hours before after previously giving permission. It was disappointing since the whole family had made so much progress in returning to the gospel. We will continue to meet and focus on helping them progress.

We also received our numbers on Sunday...and are only looking at 7 baptisms in our zone next month! With that, we have been in overdrive to motivate and train our missionaries to increase that goal. It's actually a good thing for me -- as I've noticed I respond better under pressure than when things are going well. There's something in my mind that likes to fix problems. The easier route, though, would be to simply not allow those problems to develop.

I also got the chance to speak in a ward last Sunday. Funny enough, there was a returned missionary there who I had met in the Chippenham Ward in Richmond -- Elder Green. It was enjoyable to be able to talk about all of the friends I have from back home and how they are doing. It truly is a small world.

Even with the challenges, I am excited for the upcoming week. Nothing energizes me more than a good challenge...and we're excited to see what happens with it!

Elder Bolling

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