Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Focusing on Our Purpose

This week was a productive week. In our area we were able to meet two individuals who were ready and willing to be baptized this month. It is incredible to see the many ways that the Lord prepares individuals to accept the gospel. One of our baptisms will include a marriage and another is for somebody who didn't even believe in God two months ago. As much as the world tries to debate and argue about spiritual matters, you cannot fight the converting power of the Spirit once it hits you.

In our zone, we refocused everybody on our purpose -- to invite all to come unto Christ and be baptized into His Church. We set very high expectations for our district leaders and their missionaries and are doing all that we can to hold them accountable to those expectations. The natural man tells us that we should "be nice" so that everybody we serve likes our company. This week I've seen that by setting high goals, being firm in expecting them, and loving those you serve that you can be direct, see success, and have good company.

Missionary work always moves forward. Transfers are on Wednesday. To be honest, it's a strange transfer. I'm getting old as a missionary. My first zone leader, Elder Pence, is going home. He spent the last two transfers as an Assistant. In some ways it won't even feel like the same mission without my "zone leader dad". On top of that, six zone leaders who have all been zone leaders since I came into the field go home with him. I really will be a "veteran" come Wednesday. I'll have been there longer than 75% of them. Why is it so weird? Well, because I still feel like I'm a new missionary. It's crazy how life always seems to zoom by.

Elder Bolling

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