Monday, May 7, 2012

Big Areas, Big Responsibilities

The theme of this week has been taking care of our large zone. Because of the changes in the mission structure due to the new mission, our zone is extremely large. In fact, in ground area we are larger than the entire new mission that is being created. With that fact we have seen accountability among our missionaries decrease. This week we have been focusing on how to correct that and how to ensure that things start moving towards the right track again. Really, we just need to have our district leaders being more accountable since they have larger districts that feed into our larger zone.

It is an exciting responsibility and unique challenge. We found out that our zone will likely stay the same into the next transfer so we better figure out a way to make it effective. I foresee us spending a lot of time to make sure we are effectively using our time and training our district leaders to understand what is expected of them.

Otherwise, the work continues to move forward. There is one singles ward that we cover that has completely taken off. We now have 4 people that we are teaching in that ward and the members are on fire for missionary work. The simple fact that they see new people at church each week is making them more excited to find others who are ready for the gospel. It's a great environment to spend time in.

Elder Bolling

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