Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello Riverton!

Well, I was surprised to open up our transfer e-mail on Tuesday and see that I was being moved to the Riverton Zone as the zone leader. Whoa! I really did not expect to be transferred this time around. I am now serving with Elder Stensrud, who is from Dallas, TX and has been out for about 6 months. I cover the Riverton YSA stake and the Riverton Copperview stake. After half a week I really like the area. It is very similar to what I "grew up" with in Draper. It is a good area with wonderful ward leaders.
I found out on Saturday from Assistants that I was a last minute transfer. Last minute as in he had already sent the transfer information to the Assistants, but went to pray about the decisions, and called them last minute to change it and move me from Sandy to Riverton. I know there are multiple reasons why I have been moved and am eager to find out what they are. I had served in Sandy for 6 months. My previous two areas were for 10 and 8 six months made it feel like home. Now I'm uprooted and moving on!
At this point, the change is exciting. Spending six months in one area in the same assignment can get you in a rut. Now, don't misunderstand, I loved Sandy and enjoyed it there and had lots of success. However, a change can do great things to reenergize the mind and soul and create a new sense of excitement. That's exactly what has happened this I look forward to seeing what happens down here!
Elder Bolling

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