Monday, February 18, 2013

The Big Thaw

This week the temperature hit 43 degrees! Hooray! It was the first time in two months that I considered not wearing a sweater under my suit jacket. The thought made me quite excited. It was also a big thaw in our proselyting area. We have not been having much success but all of a sudden three of the people we have been teaching expressed a desire to be baptized.

In our zone we have also been blessed to have three or four individuals call missionaries and ask to be baptized in the upcoming week. Weeks like this are always hard to explain but very welcome news to each of the missionaries.

We will also have the opportunity in the next two weeks to have two mission conferences. First from L. Whitney Clayton and then from Jay E. Jensen. It will be a unique opportunity to hear from two General Authorities in less than a month. And to think, then we'll be attending general conference and hearing from lots of general authorities!

Elder Bolling

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Above Freezing

This week was the first week in a month that was above freezing. You know winter has been around too long when 40-degree days cause you to roll down your windows! But since it's now February there is the hope that things will continue to thaw to the point that I don't have to wear a sweater on a regular basis.
The zone has settled down into another transfer. Now that I've been in Draper for 3+ months many of the zone members are used to how I do things and it seems that success is following the "new normal". I have a special place for the Draper area since I started my mission here so I am excited to see the success grow.
This week is our zone leader council. The following week we have zone conferences with our missionaries and President Miller. With all that looming on the horizon, we will probably have two very busy weeks ahead.
Elder Bolling

Miracles In The Wintry Cold (Jan. 21, 2013)

This week we taught a record number of lessons. However, we were wondering how to find new people to teach that could be baptized. By Saturday night, we were a little worried. Then on Sunday, something amazing happened -- we found three new people to teach and received a text message from someone we had formerly taught about how he wanted to be baptized "before February 1st"!

On top of that, two individuals that I had the opportunity to teach many times over the past three months finally were baptized. I was asked to perform the baptism of one of them. Apparently my experience and testimony touched him in some way. It's a blessing to know that you are making an impact.

The weather is still cold. The highs haven't been above 20 degrees for two weeks. I keep telling myself, "at least January is the beginning of the end of the cold"! I believe all things in life are more enjoyable when it's warm.

Elder Bolling