Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was this week and it was a great experience. We were able to have two Thanksgiving dinners. One with a Bishop from my old area and another with one of the missionaries who taught me back in Richmond. One of them was a vegetarian Thanksgiving -- I can't say I've ever experienced that before. Though, the food was surprisingly good. Much better than I would have anticipated without meat!

I was also able to return to Riverton for two baptisms in my old area. Those are always memorable experiences. To add to that we will have a baptism later today in our own area. With all of the "special events" it didn't really feel like a full proselyting week.

As we look to December it will be a great month. Not only is our stake keeping us busy as far as missionary work is concerned, but December is always a packed month. We will have a mission Christmas conference as well as a Christmas Eve and New Years Eve conference...and usually our mission gets special guests to speak to us. It's crazy to think that New Years will be here soon!

Elder Bolling

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Upswing in Temptures

After a week of cold and almost a foot of's in the upper 50's this week. It seems the fall/spring weather in Utah is a little bit temperamental.

We had our zone conference this week. The zone conference was focused on helping those we teach receive revelation through church attendance. As I look back it was the first time I attended church that I really knew the gospel was something I wanted in my life. Therefore it was a great topic to train on for 6 hours or so.

We're also prepping for Thanksgiving this week. We will still be having a normal proselyting day but will be able to visit families for dinners throughout the day. Needless to say, I will have to wear my one pair of "elastic waistband" dress pants. I never thought those pants would come in handy!

The church is also preparing to launch a new program: We will be doing a lot of work with that -- inviting everyone we meet to visit the site and share their feelings about Christ and Christmas. It launches the day after sure to check it out!

Elder Bolling

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Snow Storms & Apostles

This week Utah had its first major snow storm. We received a pounding of snow...3 inches down in the valley and more than 8 inches in the higher elevations. I serve in both. The snow didn't dampen any of our enthusiasm...except for the three car accidents our mission saw this weekend. Luckily I drive a 4-wheel-drive truck so the traction wasn't as much of an issue for us.

We had a baptism in the South Mountain YSA ward this weekend. The South Mountain church building sits adjacent to the Draper Temple. That is a magnificent backdrop for a baptism. Snow, temple, and a person coming to Jesus Christ. What a combo!

On Saturday afternoon, evening and Sunday morning we were honored to have Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles visit with us. Between Saturday sessions my companion and I were able to have dinner with Elder Ballard. At first he directed me to eat more food until I told him I might fall asleep during his remarks. Then he redirected me not to do that. He's a funny guy. We certainly are blessed in Utah!

Elder Bolling

Monday, November 5, 2012

Welcome Back To Draper!

I was surprised on Tuesday to get a transfer back to my original area...Draper! I will be serving as a zone leader in the Draper YSA stake. I am entering month 13 as a zone leader and month 13 in young single adult stakes. It is exciting to be back in Draper because all three of the stakes I served in at the beginning of my mission are here. It has already been a treat to be able to see converts and members that I knew here before.

We had two baptisms this weekend. One was in my old area in Riverton for a family we had been teaching for four months. Another was in Draper and I came in at the end of the teaching process. Baptism services are always the high point of the teaching process because you are able to see the fruits of your labors.

My companion now is Elder Genta. He has been out for 17 months and is from Boise, ID. He has been a zone leader in Draper for 6 months now so he knows the area very well. He seems to have a good handle on the work here and our stake seems like it is very focused to help missionary work happen. It should be a good transfer!

Elder Bolling