Thursday, September 27, 2012

Transfers, broken feet, and temples

This week transfers happened. We thought we'd be getting 28 missionaries in our zone...but 29 is the final count! Don't worry, it might be going back to 28 soon though. On Saturday one of our sister missionaries broke her foot during morning exercise. As a result she may have to go home early to do the operation. I feel bad for her -- hobbling around apartment complexes all day!
Sunday was also the dedication of the Brigham City Temple. As a result all church services were cancelled in Utah and the temple dedication was broadcast to all of the stake centers. It was my first time ever seeing a temple dedication...and it was also a treat to hear from three members of the Quorum of the Twelve. (Boyd K. Packer, Russell M. Nelson and L. Tom Perry)

Everything else continues to run smoothly. It feels as though the month of September just disappeared...and now the leaves are beginning to change colors on the mountains and conference is right around the corner.
Elder Bolling

Monday, September 17, 2012


Transfers will be this upcoming Wednesday. Typically, a zone in our mission has 18-20 missionaries. President Miller informed us this past week that I will likely stay as a Riverton Zone Leader for another transfer. We will also likely have a zone consisting of 28 missionaries, 9 new missionaries and four districts. Whoa! That is definitely the largest zone the mission has seen in a long time. We're preparing for that by training the two district leaders we will be keeping. I also haven't decided if this is a sign that President Miller trusts us or if he's punishing us for something we did wrong!

We continue plugging along. It seems as each week goes by it just moves quicker and I have a harder time remembering what I did! It all is quickly becoming a blur. I suppose that's a good thing because we're busy working but not so good for writing a blog.

Elder Bolling

Monday, September 10, 2012

Many Events To See!

This week saw lots of events keep me busy. First, we had our mission tour conference on Tuesday. Elder Perkins of the Seventy spoke to us. He taught many wonderful things about how to apply the doctrine of Jesus Christ more fully into our lives. We were also "observed" as members of our zone gave talks and role played teaching situations in front of Elder Perkins. I got off the hook and had to do neither! Lucky day!

On Thursday it was our biannual surprise Zone Leader Council at President Miller's family vacation home in Oakley, Utah. We had the meeting portion and then went on hikes, played sports, fished, watched a rodeo and hung out. Those are always entertaining we just have to wait until February for our winter edition!

Then on Sunday we had the opportunity to watch Elder Holland give a CES Fireside. After that, John Bytheway came to our other stake to give a fireside. Both of those speakers gave us quite the spiritual awakening!

To top it off, this next week we will hear from a Seventy in our Young Single Adult stake and two Seventies as our family stake presidency is being reorganized. Lots of things to see!

Elder Bolling

Monday, September 3, 2012

Convention Surprise!

I might have had the most challenging test of my mission on Thursday night. At roughly 8:05 I walked into the house of a less-active member of the church. We were teaching him while the rest of the family watched TV. Typically, we ask them to turn the television off. I did that. The family said they couldn't because there was something really important coming on. Just then, I hear the words, "Welcome to the 2012 Republican National Convention with tonight's speaker, Mitt Romney!" Oh dear!

The lesson was taught. Needless to say I was mildly distracted as Clint Eastwood spoke. I was more distracted as the next person spoke. We closed the lesson just as Romney's introduction was happening. Then, to top it all off, the family wanted to say hello before I left -- just as Romney was walking onto the stage! I must admit that I showed the most self-constraint I ever have by walking out of that home just as Romney started to speak. I believe that was a small tender mercy of the Lord. It was also a test.

Otherwise, the week went well. We are keeping busy with our area. We are teaching many new individuals and it is great to see their progress. Happy Labor Day!