Monday, December 5, 2011

New Zone & New Responsibilities!

This week turned out to be eventful. On Tuesday we received our transfer calls. I have been called to serve in the Sandy West and Sandy YSA stakes as the Zone Leader for the Sandy Zone. The Sandy West stake is a great stake but is very different from Draper. There are many more young families and is not quite as developed as Draper. It provides many new opportunities for missionary work. In Utah, the YSA stakes are a new creation of about 6 months ago. We are working with their leadership to settle into the new stakes and provide missionary opportunities. So far we have been very successful with the YSA's.

Being a Zone Leader provides many new responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges. The biggest blessing of week one was the chance to work very closely with the Assistants and President Miller to help move the entire mission forward. Your perspective increases as soon as you start discussing mission-wide matters. It is certainly a busy calling, though! I've been tired throughout my mission, but this one takes the cake! The phone calls start coming in around 6:05am and don't stop until 10:25 pm (if you're lucky). I do love the added responsibility. If anything, I hope I have a lot to offer the Elders and Sisters in my zone that can help them grow as missionaries. I'm also grateful for the opportunity that will constantly keep me on my toes trying to better myself.

On Saturday we had the opportunity to have a mission conference with Elder D. Todd Christoffersen of the Twelve. What a spirit an Apostle of the Lord brings to a conference. As soon as he began his remarks you could feel the tone of the room change a bit. One of the biggest blessings of serving in the SLCS mission is the chance to be taught my many General Authorities. On New Years Eve we will have a chance to hear from Russel M. Nelson of the Twelve. Not a bad Christmas season!

I hope everybody who reads this is having a wonderful Christmas season. I hope I'm able to hear from many of you. I am grateful for all of the support I have on my mission and can feel it every day. I am truly blessed as a missionary and as a human being.

Elder Bolling

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