Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas is a very special time. Coincidentally enough I've never really been into the whole "Christmas craziness". As a missionary in Utah, however, you get it more than most. Not to mention Christmas songs have been playing in our car nonstop since the end of November. (It's the closest I'm getting to pop music until 2013!) I've found myself really getting into the spirit of the holiday.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm focusing my time completely on the Savior. Maybe it's because Sara sends me Christmas gifts for every day of the week. Maybe it's because I'm listening to too much Christmas music. Whatever the reason - I'm enjoying Christmas. More importantly, I'm enjoying the real reason for Christmas. The Savior Jesus Christ gave us so much when he came into this world. He did not have to take upon himself the burdens of each of us. He didn't have to complete the atonement. But he did. He did it because he and Heavenly Father love each of us perfectly and individually. Christmas is a time of hope. Yes, we hope because we get to be around friends and family. The best hope, however, comes as we turn our lives towards the example that Jesus Christ set.

This week I've been able to see that. We have two YSA's who are preparing to be baptized. Both of them are not having an easy time breaking that news to their parents. They have decided in their hearts and minds that they know the Church of Jesus Christ is true and are pressing forward. Miracles are happening in their lives as they continue their journey towards eternal life. It's amazing to see - and Christ gave us that opportunity!

We're also continuing to have lots of success in our zone. We have very good missionaries in the Sandy zone and it has made my role as a zone leader very enjoyable. As Christmas approaches, I am grateful for the opportunity to do my best and serve them and hopefully help them find more success in their mission.

Elder Bolling

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