Monday, November 28, 2011

A Small Dose Of Trunky!

I never quite understood how departing missionaries felt until this past week. Now, I admit that I'm sure I don't understand exactly how they feel but the experiences from the past week certainly gave me a preview. Let me set the stage. On Wednesday, I receive a phone call from President Miller asking if I believe my companion is ready to take over the area. On Thursday, he lets me know that "You have trained very well. Well done" and informs my companion to "Get ready to train." Hmm, sounds like I'm going to be getting the boot out of Draper when transfer come! With that knowledge, even the unsure knowledge I received, boy did it make it a challenge to focus for the next three days! Don't worry, I still fulfilled my responsibilities as a missionary...but boy oh was a challenge.

Otherwise, it was a great week. We were able to baptize a 9-year old boy this week. The most exciting part of the teaching experience was seeing his family open their hearts to the gospel and come back to Church. In the SLCS mission, we do a lot of work with less-active and part-member the success makes all of the effort worth it. Whether or not I remain in the area, we should have 5 baptisms coming up soon. It will be a very merry Christmas in Draper!

I also had the opportunity to take an investigator and his wife to Temple Square. What a moving experience! It is definitely a testimony builder to stand at the walls of the temple, to walk through the exhibits and to stand at the feet of the Christus statue. I hope to be able to see the day when this investigator and his wife go to the Temple for their first time.

Thanksgiving was also a blast - and I have lost the weight that I gained! Three meals and a dessert are not always the best thing for the waist-line, but it was a good day nonetheless. I look forward to the Christmas season and spending more time with the wonderful members out here.

Elder Bolling

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