Saturday, October 27, 2012

Talking About Changes

This week marks one week before the next transfer date. It also marked interviews with President Miller. Interviews took a very long time since we have 29 missionaries in our zone. After all was said and done we spent 9 1/2 training missionaries and ensuring things ran smoothly. Interview days are some of the longest days of missionary work.

Transfers should also see lots of changes -- though it's all up in the air. With our zone having 29 missionaries there is a serious possibility of a new zone being created. There's also been talk of making our area a "Young Single Adult only" area. On top of that I've been in this zone for 6 months...and 6 months starts to begin the transition period. Who knows what will happen!

We've hit a little bit of a rut in our missionary work. We haven't been finding interested people to teach. However, we still have two baptisms that should happen in the next two weeks so we are not entirely dismayed. It seems that life revolves in cycles...we've just got to turn it around.

Elder Bolling

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