Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Amazing Baptisms!

This was a great week. We were able to see the fruits of all of our work. We had a baptism Saturday for a young single adult girl. She was invited by her friend and had been attending church for four months. Before we even met her she was ready to go. It is neat to simply be a part of such a wonderful process.

Our second baptism was for another young single adult girl. She might even be reading this blog! It was a special one because she had been meeting with missionaries for quite a while. When we started meeting with her she had many questions and doubts about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. Luckily I had been through many of the same questions. When I learned about the church I read all of the "negative" stuff about the church. Then, after resolving those questions, I prayed and received my answer that it was Christ's church! Over two months we were able to help her get her answer as well. So many people were excited (and surprised) that she chose to be baptized that the baptism was filled to overflowing! It truly was a memorable moment in my mission.

We've also been trying some new ideas on how to lead our zone. We have been giving our district leaders some more creative control on what to do and how to do it. It has seen some immediate fruits as our zone has had many successes and is doing well in our mission. Our main goal is to help our district leaders learn how to fulfill their stewardships on their own. We feel that in that way they will be able to see progress and lead in their own way.

Elder Bolling

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