Monday, November 14, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box

Life in Draper is going well. We continue to be on our good path. We're currently planning for 6 baptisms in the next month. So, I should be happy, right? Nope. That's not in the Elder Bolling plan. Well, let me clarify. I am certainly happy, but not content. So...this week, my companion and I developed a new plan to integrate members more into missionary work.

The hope is that as we spend more time in member homes teaching lessons and lifting their spirits they will in turn invite more to hear the gospel. I'd much rather spend my time strengthening the ward unit where I serve rather than knocking on doors. We're starting it as a "pilot program" with two wards in the stake. The goal is to teach four member families per week, focusing on getting them to invite their friends to meet with us. If it works, it's the best thing that could happen. If it doesn't work, at least we've met some good members.

Thinking outside the box is what makes us the best we can be. So many times it is easy to follow the crowd, do simply what is expected, and move on. But each of us are capable of so much more. I would regret portions of my mission if I didn't take this opportunity that I have in a good area to experiment with different methods.

It's crazy to think that we're almost at transfer time again. I'm torn about whether I want to stay in the Draper Mt. Point Stake or relocate to somewhere new and different. On the one hand, I love change. On the other hand, I truly love the relationships I've built in this stake and wouldn't want to leave. Other than serving the Lord, these relationships are the best part of my mission.

Elder Bolling

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