Monday, September 5, 2011

Transfer One complete! Transfer Two begins now!

Over the first six weeks, I've learned a lot. I have learned how to work with companions who don't always see eye to eye with you. I have learned how to teach the gospel confidently and correctly. I have learned how to listen and discern issues that investigators need addressed before they can progress in the gospel. I have also learned how to work with ward and stake leaders to ensure that we are moving the work forward as best we could.

It's exhilarating to be learning so much is so short of a period of time. I'm grateful for the opportunity. As I look back over the few short months and look forward to the rest of my mission, I know that missionary work is an inspired process. It's inspired because it helps bring people closer to the gospel and closer to returning to live with God again. But it's also inspired for the missionaries.

There is no experience on this earth that prepares an individual more for what lies ahead in life. As we continue forward in missionary work, we draw closer to Christ, become more sure of ourselves in the gospel, and lay the foundation for a productive and happy life. Without this foundation, it's possible to acquire it through life, but the two-year mission program is truly inspired. I'm grateful to have the chance to learn, grow, and draw closer to the gospel in all things that I do.

It's incredible to think about all of the ways I may progress over the next 22 months. I can hardly imagine. As I continue, I have faith that all will work out for good. I look forward to seeing my family and friends again, but even with that, I am grateful for this priceless opportunity.

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