Monday, September 19, 2011

A Change of Pace

Last week was the week of baptisms. This week? The week of finding. Let me just say that finding people exercises a completely different set of missionary muscles than teaching people does. However, I'm grateful for the opportunity. I've made every attempt to stretch myself this week and become the best missionary I can be.
One of the most rewarding things, other than baptisms, is meeting great people who are an example. One of those individuals is a Bishop in one of our wards. He was released on Sunday. I've only been in his ward for two months, but have viewed him as a Bishop as somebody I'd like to emulate in some way later in life. As I reflected during his testimony in Sacrament meeting, I realized that it wasn't because of who he was, or how smart he was, but rather the effort he put in. When most people would relax, watch some TV, or spend some time napping, he was putting in those extra 15 minutes. He never failed to follow up at least twice a week and personally do many tasks where he knew he could help. You could sometimes see the heavy burden of balancing life as a Bishop, a father, a husband, and a professional, but he never complained. He just kept working.
Applying that to my life as a missionary, I realized that life is all about those "extra 15 minutes". As I strive to emulate his example, I hope I'm able to be the same type of missionary he was as a Bishop.
As for the work, it's going well. I get along with my companions and we have all been learning in different ways. We'll have the teaching pool refilled in no time. I was also grateful for the chance to go to the Salt Lake Temple on Wednesday. What a beautiful place! It's also a little crazy to think that it's almost Conference's true...time speeds up every day on your mission!

Elder Bolling

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