Monday, September 12, 2011

Fruits Of The Labor

This week was the week where we picked the fruits of our diligent labor. We had five baptisms over the weekend. Each one was extremely memorable in its own way. It's touching to see the ways that the gospel can improve peoples' lives and bring them closer to their Heavenly Father. I was humbled each time as I was able to watch, participate, or perform an ordinance in a baptismal service. This truly is the Lord's work and I'm grateful to be here.

This week was also transfers. Elder Thomas, our third companion, was transferred to Midvale and we have a new third companion named Elder Nau. He is from Tonga and has been out for almost 14 months. I am grateful for his contribution to our companionship. He has a great testimony, is humble, and willing to help us in any way possible. It's also neat to see some different cultural perspectives. We may, actually, be holding a pig roast for a scout troop in a weekend or two that will be a great experience for us, the ward, and some neighbors.

An amazing thing is happening to me as I progress on my mission. Time seems to be speeding up. I don't understand how it's already the middle of September! This realization has allowed me to appreciate even more fully the short time I have to serve the Lord. As time continues to accelerate, I anticipate I'll be one of those missionaries who wonders where the two years went.

This week I began reading the New Testament - and a simple truth resonated with me. Behind each of Christ's miracles, faith preceded. Faith is the central theme of each and every one of us. Faith leads us to act righteously and do those things we know in our heart are right. With faith, we can achieve so much - even "move mountains" as the scriptures say. Without faith, we are left with our own strength, which isn't very much. (Even if you can lift 500 lbs like my Tongan companion! Wow!) As we grow in faith, we will stop worrying about tomorrow, doubting the power of the Lord, and asking for more. We will be content in what we're given. But it's funny how the Lord works, because as we stop doubting and worrying, we will receive tenfold what we could have done on our own! The Lord has promised it - and I've seen its truth manifest in my life. I am grateful for the example of the Savior and how he has helped me in my life.

As we continue to teach, and continue to grow in faith, my hope is that my faith will continually increase. As it does, I know we will be more successful as missionaries. I also know that translates to anybody in any situation in life. Faith in Jesus Christ can help us overcome anything.

Elder Bolling

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