Monday, August 29, 2011

Press Forward

Welp, I just finished Week 5 of Transfer 1. One week until transfers! Life has started to settle into the daily ups and downs of missionary work. The general theme, which applies to us in every stage of life, is "press forward". I have absolutely nothing to complain about as we have a good number of people to teach and a good number of people progressing towards baptism in the Church. However, sometimes the individual days can bring you down. Some days are more successful than others. But as you keep the long-term perspective, you're able to keep on the mark.

Saturdays have become some of our "worst" days. It may be the same everywhere, but people cancel appointments, aren't home, or are busy with other things. We usually spend Saturdays without appointments going door to door with very few positive experiences. If we let that one poor day impact our outlook, we would quickly become ineffective missionaries. We continually strive to look forward in faith to the better days which always come. The other days of the week see us with multiple appointments and lessons.

To relate this to life, keep an eternal perspective. At times, we face struggles and challenges. Most times, they last a lot longer than a day. However, in the eternal perspective, those trials aren't any longer than a day. As we push through them with faith in the Lord, we will come to the next "day" that sees us return to happiness and success. All trials we face are designed to refine us and make us better individuals. As we face the future with faith, there's no doubt that we will be successful and find joy.

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