Monday, August 1, 2011

First in the Field

Hello everyone!

My first area is the Lone Peak and Crescent Park Stakes in Sandy, UT. Yes, each companionship covers two stakes! Overall, we have twelve wards that we cover. Even though we cover two stakes, our area spans a total of three miles. I have absolutely loved the first 6 days I've spent here - it's a wonderful area.

I am completely blessed. In the first week, I've only had to pay for one meal and haven't even had to go to the grocery store. While we knock doors, we end up leaving members' doorsteps with cookies, fruit, cartons of milk, or even full meals. Aside from that, our current residence is known as "the Palace". It's the basement of a members' home and let's just say that it's quite the residence. Okay, I'll stop bragging now.

I love the Salt Lake City area. For one, it's a lot less humid than Virginia. It can be hot but still comfortable, which is something I've never experienced before. I've also enjoyed getting to know the members. There's such a close-knit feel in the ward communities that warms my heart whenever I'm in a members' home. There's also a lot less traffic than I'm used to in the DC area. I'm grateful to be placed where I am.

My companion and trainer is Elder Witt. After 6 days with him, I think he's quite the good fit. He's been out for 21 months so he is well-versed in what to do in the field. However, he's very laid back and open to new ideas so I've been able to try some ideas that I've had as we've been on the streets.

Our first three days were not very successful. We were unable to get any referrals and our lessons canceled on us consistently. It was a frustrating entrance to the mission. On Saturday, however, that all changed. We were able to get 11 referrals in the morning, got in contact with a former investigator who wished to restart lessons, and committed an investigator to baptism. On Sunday, we had three successful lessons where the Spirit was very easy to feel. In just the first 6 days, I've felt the Spirit in amazing ways and am grateful I've had a small hand to play in those experiences. More on Sundays - whew! Sunday is not a day of rest when you cover two stakes. Not to worry, I was able to partake of the Sacrament 5 I've certainly had enough blessings to make up for the busyness of my day.

Overall, I'm excited to be here. I can feel the blessings in my life and also am loving the drive of missionary work. I know there will be challenges ahead, but I love my mission.

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