Monday, July 30, 2012

Surprise Visit!

Yesterday I walked into a linger longer for our Young Single Adult stake to find a friend from Washington, DC there. Surprise! We were able to catch up and talk for just a few minutes. That was certainly a welcome little surprise. We started talking about the good ole' Langley Ward and it was amazing to hear about all of the changes. Time certainly does fly!

We finished the month of July with the second highest number of baptisms in the Riverton zone. It was pleasing to see and we are moving forward to a strong August. Personally, we have found some wonderful individuals who will be baptized in August. Our focus for August will be increasing excitement, motivation and the "fun" factor in our zone. We train and teach very well but sometimes people just need a little pick me up. We will continue to focus on making sure we're doing the right things but in an upbeat way.

We had a baptism on Saturday. She was baptized after only two weeks of teaching her. It was amazing to see all of her friends there who helped her along the way. She was truly being prepared to be baptized into the church for years by friends, parents and coworkers. Missionary work is not just for missionaries...but for all who love the Lord and His Church. We had such a small impact on her conversion -- but it was still wonderful to be a part of it!

Elder Bolling

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