Monday, July 9, 2012

Pressing Forward Through the Summer

This week we spent a majority of our time lifting and building the zone. We didn't have much time to proselyte in our area. On Sunday we were frustrated because we had not found any new people to teach for the week. But as we went through church we met two people who approached us because they had been attending church for the past few months and wanted to meet with us. Miracle! The Lord certainly does bless those who are diligent.

This week we have interviews with President Miller. We will be using the time during the interviews to train our district leaders, trainers and new missionaries. It will be a busy day from about 8am until 4pm. Afterwards we plan to split up with the Assistants and work the areas of struggling missionaries. Interviews always wear me out but are a productive venture.

We also had our July 4th mission conference last week. It was fun to see all the old missionaries I served with. Everyone says that in missionary life you know most of the missionaries at your year mark...but as time moves on towards the end of your mission you stop knowing the new people who come in. It was strange to see missionaries who I never thought would go home talk about their travel arrangements. I certainly will be there before long! It will be a weird feeling.

Elder Bolling

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