Monday, October 31, 2011

Working with Members

This week was a blur of a week. I'm not entirely sure where it went but it was a good week. We spent a majority of our week in lessons or working with members. We have been inviting members to invite their friends to hear the gospel. It has worked well and we may have 5-6 new teaching opportunities off of our efforts. We've also built very strong relationships in three of our wards.

We've also been working on being better at "following up". Following up on commitments we leave with investigators, following up on meetings we have with members, and following up with ward leaders. As we've done better with this, we've received many comments from ward leaders that the members are noticing the follow up as it shows that we're committed to getting the work moving. Members then tell their neighbors about the Elders in the area and the referrals just start flying in. Building trust with ward members is critical - especially when you have nine wards!

I've also had the opportunity to meet some great people over the past few weeks. Our new ward mission leader in the Mountain Point 9th ward is Brother Baird. In fact, he's a newly-found reality TV star. His new show, "Flip Men", debuted on SpikeTV last Tuesday at 10:30PM. Be sure to watch it this week! (I certainly wish I could!)

All in all, the work moves forward. We've built up the area from the dead area it was and are expecting two baptisms in November and more in December. It's wonderful to see the foundations begin to bear fruit.

Elder Bolling

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