Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A New Car!!!

I couldn't think of anything else to write for the title. It is fitting, however, because we got the unexpected phone call Friday evening that we needed to swap our 2010 Malibu with another missionaries' 2005 car. After politely accepting the invitation, our Zone Leaders gave us the second surprise, that we needed to then take the 2005 car and trade it in for one of the new batches of 2012 Malibus. We received the car with 42 miles on the odometer. I don't know if that's what they mean by "blessings" on a mission, but it sure was one!

As for the rest of the week, the spiritual highlight came on Sunday during our Stake Conference. Elder Bednar was the presiding authority and gave a stirring talk on the power of testimony and conversion. He used many scriptures, including the parable of the ten virgins. He described it as the "lamp of testimony" and the "oil of conversion". For a quick overview, five of the ten virgins have their lamps properly trimmed with oil, while the others run out in the middle of the night. He exhorted us to light our testimonies with our conversions. If we do not use our testimonies to experience deeper and greater conversion each day of our lives, we will be as the five unprepared people in the parable. It's such a blessing to have the words of the living Apostles to guide us through our lives.

The week was a busy one. We moved apartments from Riverton over to Draper. That was a nice move since the stake that we cover is actually in Draper. We're also living with some fantastic members who have heat in their house! (Our old duplex did not) The zone, district, and area boundaries were also changed this last transfer to re-align with some changes to Stake and Ward boundaries. So...even though I did not move areas during transfers, it was busy. Moving out of a house, exchanging keys, exchanging cars, learning new boundaries, and meeting new missionary leaders all make for a busy week. We actually didn't have much proselyting time on Tuesday/Wednesday outside of lessons. So...it was a blur of a week!

Elder Bolling

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