Saturday, March 23, 2013

Taking The Reins

This week was my new missionary's third week. He's pretty capable so I decided to throw him to the wolves by letting him "lead" in planning. I even left him in the area "alone" on an exchange for a day. It was nice to see that he did pretty well! Training after having been a missionary for 21 months is a more relaxing experience -- because I'm more willing to let him lead because while I still have room to improve, I've seen that I know how to do it already...and don't mind letting him try.
We will have a special baptism this Saturday. The lady we've been meeting with has such a strong and special spirit and is full of questions. It's refreshing for a person like me to have someone who enjoys asking so many questions...since I do the same! However, as she's been reading the Book of Mormon and attending church she has found the answers she is looking for and seems excited and ready to take the next step.
We are also starting to keep very busy in our new area. For example, tonight my companion and I will be "split" from 6-9pm because we have too many appointments and cannot make them all. That's a good problem to have!
Elder Bolling

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