Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Miracles In The Wintry Cold (Jan. 21, 2013)

This week we taught a record number of lessons. However, we were wondering how to find new people to teach that could be baptized. By Saturday night, we were a little worried. Then on Sunday, something amazing happened -- we found three new people to teach and received a text message from someone we had formerly taught about how he wanted to be baptized "before February 1st"!

On top of that, two individuals that I had the opportunity to teach many times over the past three months finally were baptized. I was asked to perform the baptism of one of them. Apparently my experience and testimony touched him in some way. It's a blessing to know that you are making an impact.

The weather is still cold. The highs haven't been above 20 degrees for two weeks. I keep telling myself, "at least January is the beginning of the end of the cold"! I believe all things in life are more enjoyable when it's warm.

Elder Bolling

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