Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snowstorm & Wind

It was a very snowy and windy week here in Utah. My frugalities have finally caved and decided to buy a new pair of shoes today since the water from the snow comes through the bottom of my soles. I was so close to holding out on new shoes for two years!

This weekend I was able to go back to Riverton for two baptisms in my old area. It's always special to see the progress of those I've taught continue after I have left. I was even able to talk to an old Bishop who met a couple who knows my family! It seems like the world keeps getting smaller and smaller.

As for other items, transfers happened. No changes in my companionship. Even in the zone most of the people stayed the same. Only one person left. There's a lot of continuity here in Draper...which is great to see.

Elder Bolling

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