Monday, September 3, 2012

Convention Surprise!

I might have had the most challenging test of my mission on Thursday night. At roughly 8:05 I walked into the house of a less-active member of the church. We were teaching him while the rest of the family watched TV. Typically, we ask them to turn the television off. I did that. The family said they couldn't because there was something really important coming on. Just then, I hear the words, "Welcome to the 2012 Republican National Convention with tonight's speaker, Mitt Romney!" Oh dear!

The lesson was taught. Needless to say I was mildly distracted as Clint Eastwood spoke. I was more distracted as the next person spoke. We closed the lesson just as Romney's introduction was happening. Then, to top it all off, the family wanted to say hello before I left -- just as Romney was walking onto the stage! I must admit that I showed the most self-constraint I ever have by walking out of that home just as Romney started to speak. I believe that was a small tender mercy of the Lord. It was also a test.

Otherwise, the week went well. We are keeping busy with our area. We are teaching many new individuals and it is great to see their progress. Happy Labor Day!

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