Monday, June 11, 2012

Moving Higher

There's a principle in the scriptures. Whenever you are about to experience blessings from the Lord, Satan always tries to thwart you with increased trials. We have seen that this week in our zone. There have been numerous situations arising that have caused some of those preparing for baptism to push their dates back. Our challenge is to help them receive their witness that the gospel has been restored and be baptized so they can receive the blessings of the gospel.

We are still looking to have a wonderful month and have seen great growth in our zone. However, we're not discouraged and know the higher goal that we set is still possible. It will be an exciting challenge to see how we respond, lift our sights and achieve what is before us.

It was also my birthday on Friday. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a birthday cake from a family who knows my family. I also got a nice package from Sara and should be receiving one from my family today. We also went to Chili's so I got the free chocolate molten lava cake. Unfortunately, the other Elders seemed to devour that before I got to it. Funny how that works out!

Elder Bolling

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