Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, I've never had quite a week like this flew by! My Wednesday morning/afternoon was taken training missionaries and office staff on a new referral system we have been developing for the mission. Then on Thursday we had the opportunity to take a person we've been teaching to Temple Square. I always love going to Temple Square because of the strong spirit you are able to feel as you learn about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the Church in the presence of the House of the Lord. That person will be baptized this upcoming Saturday and we are excited for the opportunity.

Other than that we had great success! We found 6 new people who are preparing for baptism. As a result we ended up teaching 25 lessons and keeping very busy with the logistics of helping everybody progress. The week just breezed by. I wish every week could be so good. (I guess it can be if I keep working!)

I've also begun to see the rewards of journal writing. I've done it my entire mission but have just started using it effectively. I've begun really writing down my study notes and thoughts that I have which have really made me able to recall them and find them at a moments notice. It's also a lot more rewarding to look back and read the details of my day rather than the vague snippets I had been putting in there. There truly is joy in writing things down.

This week already looks to be super-busy again. There will be a visit by an Apostle and a meeting with mission leadership. And to think...transfer talks are beginning again!

Elder Bolling

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