Saturday, June 29, 2013

Create - You Have Something To Offer

When you look at the world, we have a problem. We consume more than we produce. This isn't meant to be an economics lesson, just suffice it to say that we use more than we can afford.

I can't speak for you, but if you're like me (age 26), you rent a condo/townhouse/room. If you're lucky enough to "own" a house, the bank really owns it and you're paying them for the right to own it in 30 years. You probably have a car that is on lease or loan. If you're engaged or married (and male), you probably got your spouse a ring that needed 12-month interest-free financing. (She doesn't even own that pretty ring!?) Oh, don't forget those college loans. Do you sense an imbalance?

Now, I'm not preaching to anyone. I'm still a proud owner of debt. I'm not going to go all green-earth on you and tell you to live off the land and push away from modern society. That's a great plan if you want it, but it's not what I'm here to promote.

Now that I've painted a pretty gloomy picture, let's look at the positives. There are a lot more borrowers than there are lenders. Okay, scratch the economics lingo. There are more people buying things than there are people creating things. There is a whole world waiting to buy something that you create. You, yes you, have something to offer...if you create it. 

"[Sheer Ambrosia] is giving the entire
world (thanks to the internet) a chance
to have some of the best baklava around."
One example: Sheer Ambrosia International Bakery and Catering. While living in Draper, UT I had the pleasure of meeting the brains behind Sheer Ambrosia. Without giving a life story, let me tell you that she knows how to make baklava. In fact, it's the best baklava I've ever tasted. Now, with that kind of talent she could have provided great food to friends and family. But instead, she recognized her talent and is giving the entire world (thanks to the internet) a chance to have some of the best baklava around.

Do you have a talent worth sharing? Let me answer that for you: yes, you do! Not everybody cooks. Some people can quilt, sew, or make jewelry. Heck, an entire business was created simply by making accessories to Crocs! Your talent doesn't have to be something you can hold. People like Stephen Covey created a business sharing his ideas.

So think of who you are, what you're good at, and find a way to create it for others. You may be the next Stephen Covey. But even if you aren't, you'll feel better about yourself because you'll be giving yourself to the world and making it a better place.

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