Monday, February 20, 2012

Zone Conferences and New Investigators

This week was our quarterly zone conference. In our mission, zone conferences are led by President Miller and the Assistants with the zone leaders providing much of the training. This training with a 6-hour training focusing on our purposes as missionaries. It was a great opportunity to learn from one another and regain a focus on spreading the gospel throughout Salt Lake City. I truly enjoy the opportunities to train. Like most people say, I feel like I get much more out of training others than the people I'm training do. I always leave with new insights and ideas on what is needed to be most successful.

The general theme was that we needed to find more people to teach if we were going to have success. We started implementing that into our day to day actions and had lots of results. We tracked down some names that we couldn't easily locate and ended up finding two people who were open and ready to hear the gospel. Then we went and visited some different members who we hadn't seen before. From that we found a family of five whose parents are extremely interested in coming to the Church. It was great to be able to train on a subject and then immediately see results from it.

Transfers are also coming up on Tuesday. Whoa! I don't think my companion and I will be moving...but then again...crazier things have happened. I have yet to have a companion for longer than 10 weeks so we'll see what happens. Either way there will at least be some changes in our zone as some of our missionaries go home on Wednesday.

Elder Bolling

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